Fan Fiction Radio Play Theater: Episode 9 – Shoryu-Ken

It’s finally here…

…the Sega Addicts Radio Play production of the winning Ken Balough/Big the Cat fanfiction contest entry by Thaddius Byrdde starring and featuring Ken Balough as himself! Our recommendations on enjoying this little audio treat is to relax in a nice comfy recliner, fill a large popcorn bowl with hot water to soak your feet in, pour yourself a cup of hot apple cider with little bits of nutmeg in it, gently put on your headphones and press play. It will be a euphoric experience you’ll never forget.

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  • Tails is the exclamation point that every sentence needs.

  • BigSkorpy

    Ken seems like the ultimate action hero, a mixture between Chuck Norris and obviously the Brawny Men

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