Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz: Guaranteed to get your juices flowing



It’s time fore more Super Money Ball Banana Splitz news! We showed you the trailer, we showed you the screens and now we at Sega-Addicts proudly present the latest product of Sega of Japan’s marketing department, a 40 second video of the bikini-clad, Japanese gravure model Yukie Kawamura playing the upcoming Playstation Vita release while bouncing on an exercise ball and posing for a camera-wielding AiAi. Oh, and there’s some footage of the game as well..!

Call me old fashioned, but am I the only gentleman whose monocle fell straight into his cup of Earl Gray upon viewing this video? Please do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Super Money Ball Banana Splitz will arrive in the Western world this coming summer, with further information being found on the official Sega site.

[Source: Andriasang

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