Reduced Robots: XBLA Virtual On Oratorio Tangram 50% off

If you’re anything like me, you haven’t had much experience with the Virtual On series, which I learned with last weekend’s Top 10. Well it seems that Sega was listening to our list and decided to throw Virtual On Oratorio Tangram on sale for a measly 600 Microsoft Points, which is half off the regular price! Kris Knigge will tell you that this is in an insane deal, and I think as Sega fans we all owe it to ourselves to check it out. The sale ends May 9th!

[Source: Sega Blogs]

  • grolt

    It went to this price a year or so ago as well and is well worth it. Pretty much perfect port, and the online gameplay still works well, although most who play it now are insanely good Japanese video game savants. Still it’s good fun and easy achievements. Too bad there isn’t a twin stick peripheral this game could work with.

    • I’m going to buy this and it will officially be my first VO game! I expected Happy First VO Game greeting cards from everyone.

  • Josh Newey

    Resorting to alliteration, I see. And you were running so high on the urine puns.

  • Josh Newey

    And Hallmark thought they were gonna make all their money on Mother’s Day cards. They didn’t anticipate Alex Plays VO Day.

  • @Josh
    I figured the mechs would rust, so I tried to hold back.


  • grolt

    *Affordable Twin Stick. 🙂

  • Ah well you weren’t specific, sir. 😛

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