The Platinum Games staff battle in Anarchy Reigns


While we still haven’t got direct confirmation of the game’s Western release, Platinum Games enthusiasts can still get their Anarchy Regins fix with this new video which showcases the games multiplayer at the creators office. In the video above you can see Bayonetta in action too just in case you weren’t convinced of her awesomeness.

Yes I know. It’s a tad bitter sweet that the game isn’t showing up at E3, but hey I can always hope for the best. And if that doesn’t happen I can always pretend to play it while watching this video like the sad creature I am.

[Source: Sega Shiro]

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  1. Imagine if Bruce Lee and Bayonetta had a baby.

  2. They did…
    Thats how we got ” Rain” from ninja-assasin.

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