Rumor: Shining the Holy Ark sequel in the works

Even though the Shining series has strayed from its SRPG roots, Sega still has been releasing games in the universe regularly with Shining Blade for the PSP being the most recent. Unfortunately, many of the recent games have not made it to Western shores but their more action-oriented gameplay as always looked interesting to me.

If a recent trademark by Sega is any inclination it looks like Sega has another Shining game in the works under the name “Shining Ark.” Is this a hint for a Shining the Holy Ark sequel? If so, hopefully the game gets an English release.

[Source: gematsu]

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  1. The Holy Ark was always my favorite Shining game and really the only dungeon crawler I could get into. The battle system and the whole way it was put together was so fluid and creative that I could play it in long bursts without ever getting tired. I seriously recommend the game to anyone with even a remote interest in RPGs or the Shining series. It’s really that great, and it has aged very well in terms of pace and speed of play. A sequel to this game would be the thing of dreams, but I doubt it would come out over here, given that SEGA is cutting back and they haven’t ported the last few Shining games (Feather, Blade, etc.). One can dream, though.

  2. Everytime I see Shining the Holy Ark, I always think about a random battle, and see all the little pixies come flying out lol

  3. Haha, totally, those little dudes made up one of the coolest battle systems ever.

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