Achievements leaked for ToeJam & Earl Vintage Collection

People like to complain about Sega’s undying penchant for retro collections. Sure, it’s content that we fans have already purchased several times over, and sure, Sega has been laying these cards out on the table for ages now (or should I say… SEGA AGES! Buddum-tsh!). But if you download any one of the recent Vintage Collections, you’ll see that they really aren’t half bad, especially in terms of presentation.

It appears that the next entry in the Vintage Collection series will be ToeJam & Earl, as achievements for the compilation leaked yesterday. There’s no confirmation yet on whether we’ll see any games outside of the two Genesis originals, but since all of the previous collections included three games, reason dictates that we might see something else mixed in there. Sega hasn’t officially announced anything yet, but we’re sure to hear something soon.

I just want ToeJam & Earl III: Mission to Earth HD.


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  1. Was TJ&E II any good…? Sometimes I have to remind myself that it even exists and I’ve still never played it.

  2. They added a girl didn’t they? It looked a poop. I got pissed just looking at the cover- never picked it up either even though it was 10 bucks preowned by the time I got an XBox (for Conkers Live and Reloaded and that’s it)

    All this really needs is the first one and co-op over Live and I’d be a happy camper.
    I don’t own any of the other “collections” they don’t have co-op support over Live either I’m guessing?

    • ToeJam & Earl 3 is not a horrible game but the endearing funky charm of the Genesis games is lost in an attempt to actually seem cool. As for the gameplay they tried to bring back the more exploration based gameplay of the first game but it doesn’t work out as well as you’d hope. It’s worth a try and I haven’t played it for a few years so it may be better or worse than I remember.

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