A ton of new details on Yakuza 5

Sega has updated the official Japanese Yakuza 5 website with screens of the revamped battle system the game will sport when it drops in Japan later this year. While it’s not much, regarding the traditional battles at least, you can see some of the changes implemented in the shots in the source link. All enemy AI has been redone, as well as animations, and loading into battles is said to be far smoother than any game in the series before it. The biggest reveal for these battles so far is that Heat Actions have returned, with a new twist, called Climax Heat. While no real details have been given yet aside from the name, it’s easy to assume that these will be advanced Heat Actions.

The biggest news of all has been details on Haruka’s battle system. If you’ve ever played a Yakuza game and said to yourself “you know, I really wish a disco showdown would break out here”, you’re in luck, as Haruka’s gameplay is based around random enemies challenging you to rhythm-based dance battles, that look to play similarly to something like Gitaroo Man. During battles, Haruka and her opponent will be judged by spectators, which will effect your dancing, until either you or your opponent gives up.

Sega has also been revealing character profiles on their site, most recently unveiling the Tojo Clan, including everyone’s favorite eyepatched madman, Goro Majima, as well as crowdpleaser and occasional crossdresser Daigo Dojima.

All in all, it sounds like it’s going to be a fun time and I can’t wait to see more. What’s it gonna take to get you to release this thing stateside, Sega?

Source: Andriasang (2); ryu-ga-gotoku.com

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