Jet Set Radio's Soundtrack available for preorder on Amazon and iTunes

Official game soundtracks go up on iTunes all the time now. While plenty of them deserve your attention and money, very few stand out as must-haves like the soundtrack for Jet Set Radio. Hideki Naganuma’s catchy, infectious tunes are responsible for a good 40% of that game’s funky charm. The soundtrack will hit the day before Jet Set Radio’s HD release (Sept. 19th), but you can preorder it now on Amazon and iTunes for $9.99.

As with the upcoming HD rerelease, not all of the soundtrack is intact. Songs by Jurassic 5, Guitar Vader, and a certain…”classic” by a Mr. Rob Zombie are nowhere to be found. Once you come to grips with this sad truth, go ahead and click the jump to see the full track listing.


Let Mom Sleep – Hideki Naganuma

Humming the Baseline – Hideki Naganuma

That’s Enough – Hideki Naganuma

Everybody Jump Around – Richard Jacques

Sneakman – Hideki Naganuma

Sweet Soul Brother – Hideki Naganuma

Rock It On – Hideki Naganuma

Electric Tooth Brush – Toronto

Moody’s Shuffle – Hideki Naganuma

Grace and Glory – Hideki Naganuma

The Concept of Love – Hideki Naganuma

Fly Like a Butterfly – Hideki Naganuma

Funky Dealer – Hideki Naganuma

Shape Da Future – Hideki Naganuma

Teknopathetic – Hideki Naganuma

Oldies But Happies – Hideki Naganuma

Like It Like This Like That – Hideki Naganuma


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  1. Ehhh… there’s a difference. This one only includes the Hideki Naganuma tracks, “Everybody Jump Around” and “Electric Tooth Brush”.

    The HD rerelease itself WILL have the Jurassic 5 and Rob Zombie songs (along with almost every other track in the original releases), with only “Yappie Feet” and “Many Styles” missing.

    • My apologies. I did word that a little oddly. We did report a little while back which tracks would be missing in the HD rerelease. I mean to say that like the HD release, this soundtrack will not have all every single song.

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