Play your favorite "loose-cannon-cop" game Dynamite Deka on PSN in Japan

Die Hard Arcade on the Sega Saturn is a great beat-em-up, which originally went by the name, Dynamite Deka in Japan. This game can be somewhat hard to find at a reasonable price but is now available on the Japanese PlayStation store for 800 Yen ($10, £6). This is one of those Sega Saturn games I never bought when I should have, so this is amazing news to a collector like myself. The PSN version of Dynamite Deka features updated graphics and other add-ons such as the ridiculous ability to play the game as the cast of Golden Axe or Altered Beast, and a playable version of one of Sega’s earliest arcade releases: Periscope.

Since it is rather unlikely we will see a release of this digital game outside of Japan, I recommend those interested create a Japanese account and grab some PSN points cards with enough Yen to assist in the saving of the President’s daughter. I know I am.

[Source: The Sega Source]

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  1. I’ve never played the game, but that picture is amazing…

    • I think it best describes every 90s cop movie. Helicopters, little girls in danger, a sinister beard, and the hero wearing a plain t-shirt under a jacket.

      Oh, and the babe sidekick.

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