Sega Amusements slowly reveal new light gun arcade machine

Sega Amusements, the branch of the company dealing with arcade machines and other coin-operated entertainment devices for fun-times, have been slowly revealing what many believe to be a new arcade light gun game via their Facebook page. Their method has been to periodically reveal the individual letters of the game’s name, currently at ‘SIDEAR’, as well as releasing a photograph from what seems to be some sort of secret internal Sega meeting, a cropped version of which can be seen above.

A member of the arcade-centric website Arcade Heroes, who believes the full title of the game to be ‘SIDEARM’, attempted to make some sense out of the blurry image and suggested that the machine will have a gun on one side of the physical space occupied by the player, with the rest being reserved for an unknown purpose. Fan of light gun games? Of course you are, so let us know what you think of this in the comments below!

[Source: Arcade Heroes]


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  1. Cool…one can only play Ghost Squad and that dinosaur hunting game so much before the quest for more.

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