NEO XYX: A new Dreamcast game by NG:DEV.TEAM

German developers NG:DEV.TEAM have recently announced a new addition to their line of Dreamcast, NEOGEO MVS and AES games titled NEO XYX, set for release sometime in 2013. In a somewhat similar fashion to their Redux: Dark Matter kick-starter project, money from pre-orders will go into developing the game further, adding more features than it would otherwise have. The downside is that NG:DEV.TEAM are only taking pre-orders for the Neo Geo MVS version at a current price of €399.

Nevertheless, the Dreamcast version will still be coming out, and any addition to the Dreamcast’s library is met by the console’s fans with open arms. We’ll keep you updated on NEO XYX as we get more details, but for now you can check out the game’s store page and FAQ section for more information.

[Source: Sega Online]

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