Taggin' turf at the top: Jet Set Radio HD hits number 2 on XBLA charts

Major Nelson’s Blog shows that Jet Set Radio HD debuted at number 2 for it’s release last week, topped only by Minecraft. This makes Jet Set the top-selling brand new title for XBLA’s digital marketplace. This may be one of the higher releases Sega has seen for a digital release as Virtua Fighter 5: Showdown and Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II only debuted at 4th, according to the source link.

This is amazing news for Jet Set fans and Sega fans everywhere. Let’s keep up the sales in hopes of Jet Set Radio Future making its way to the masses again, or dare I say a brand new game?

Data for PSN will be available in October as the Vita version has not yet released.

Sonic CD also did very well when it re-relased. Does this mean Sega has finally found it’s market? If so, then keep the re-releases coming!

[Source: TSSZ News]

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    I think this is a worthy update, and will support it. But Sega please if you can hear this text; please don’t do more shoddy rereleases, these are your treasures and should be handled with care and respect. <3

  2. I should clarify (sorry!) I love this rerelease. I just want Sega to treat all their past franchises with as much tender loving care.

    • Agreed! None of that, “well it’s in wide screen” and calling it a day nonsense. This re-release had updated controls, worthwhile achievements, interviews, and other unlockables not seen in the original. Good stuff.

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