Steam's Halloween Sale includes several Sega games

Steam is the reason why I have a huge backlog of games to play and that list has continued to grow today. The amount of sales they have is ridiculous and I rarely pay more than $5-10 per game. That said, there’s a few Sega games on sale right now, all of which I recommend checking out.

Today’s Sale of the Day is The Club for only $2.99. A great third-person shooter from Bizarre Creations that adds a unique arcade scoring system. Then, in honor of Halloween you can get both Hell Yeah! and Condemned for 50% off for $7.50 each until Thursday. My recommendation: Buy Condemned and then buy another copy again as a gift for a friend. Then, write a letter to Sega telling them how much you’d like to see a third game in the series.

[Source: Steam]

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