Post your listener questions for Episode 111 here!

We’ll be recording Episode 111 this Thursday and the main topic is codes and cheats in Sega games and on Sega consoles. We have Michael Westgarth to thank for the topic suggestion in the forums and we’ll be discussing all kinds of coding and cheating from codes that make games easier to beat, cheats that add fun wackiness and the almighty Game Genie and GameShark.

So, if you’ve got some relevant questions to the main topic or Sega in general post them below!

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  1. Is there a game you are so proud of being great at playing to the point that you will never cheat to win? (Assuming the game has cheat codes to begin with)

  2. Back in the day there were loads of people trying to create, or at least discover, their own codes. The Game Genie booklet I had explained how this was done and although I tried, I never found anything interesting.

    Have any of you guys been able to find your own interesting codes or combination of codes?

  3. (sorry for the double post)

    Was there ever a game you did not enjoy until applying cheat codes and in turn greatly enjoyed? If so, what game/s?

  4. I’m also sorry for double posting, but I really need to know. Am I the only person that used the Game Genie so that I could be the robo-Michael on every single level of Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker on the Mega Drive?

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