The Sega Addicts Kids Table: Episode 52 – Three Angry Men

Well I hope you hate Shadow the Hedgehog as much as we do if you listen to this episode of The Sega Addicts Kids Table. Mostly because god damn does he fucking suck, but also because Stevie, John, and Josh spend a considerable amount of time moaning about him and the popularity of Sonic Adventure 2.

But it’s not all useless rage as they also discuss the Toejam and Earl Vintage Collection, Anarchy Reign‘s exclusive day one content, and Sega’s future plans for Sonic. And Shadow hate. Because really he deserves it. Seriously fuck Shadow.

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  • Holy crap I honestly did not expect to win, because I thought my response was so incredibly idiotic, haha. Hooray politics!

    Great show, guys! I’m glad you all hate Shadow as much as I do!

  • I guess I better had just come out with it. I liked Shadow The Hedgehog the game. It played better than SA2 and Sonic Heroes, had lots of decent levels, it looked pretty good and it sounded pretty good. Apart from the voice acting of course. The voice acting is terrible.

    • Michael, I think it’s time we had “the talk.”

      • Is this where you tell me where baby anthropomorphic hedgehogs come from and what those two things sticking out of Rouge the Bat’s chest are for…?

        • No no. I believe Josh will have that talk with you. Probably while playing guitar.

          I would just discuss how Shadow is the devil and represents a generation of lost hope.

          • Shadow The Hedgehog was very boring I thought. SA2 and Heroes were much much better in my opinion.

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