Update for NiGHTS HD on PSN, XBLA

Even though I was perfectly fine with the controls for NiGHTS on the PS3, not everyone agreed with me. Some felt there was a “gap” in the analog movement that would sometimes make NiGHTS fall out of a paraloop or have trouble doing anything like a perfect circle. For XBLA players who were not happy with the controls, go back and give it another shot. Your game has been patched. PSN players can expect a patch themselves at some undetermined point in the future.

But like anyone should need an excuse to go back and play more NiGHTS?

[Source: Tssz News]

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  1. That photo is exactly what ” Knights” looks like on my PSN, I hope that patch comes soon.

  2. NiGHTS looks like a 90’s LCD game for you? Have you upgraded your TV recently?

  3. yeah, it’s just, um…that photo IS my T.V. I’m kidding.
    when I seen that photo I thought” I hope they’re not making an comparison of what it looks like”

  4. Lol, okay I get it now. Funny story: When I first played NiGHTS on the Saturn, my console’s 3D processor was dying so it would randomly drop polygons and frames. It made the game about as smooth as a Tiger LCD!

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