Yakuza 5's first week sales are less than they were for Yakuza 3 and 4


With a bounce in my step and a tune in my throat, I happily reported last week that Yakuza 5 was already doing beautifully right out of the gate in Japan. My view may have been a little rose-tinted, but hell, this series deserves some good news.

But when compared to the sales of previous current-gen entries in the series, it appears that Yakuza 5 does slip a little bit behind its predecessors. As Media Create reports, Team Yakuza’s latest entry sold 356,757 copies, which is about 65.80% of its initial shipment. In Yakuza 4′s first week, 383,972 copies were sold (72.01% of its initial shipment), while Yakuza 3 sold 372,301 (78.57%).

Of course, this is only a minor shift, but it does ground expectations a bit. That being said, this is the fifth major entry in a sprawling, long-running series, so such a small fluctuation can only mean good things for fans’ continued thirst for the world of Kazuma Kiryu. At least in Japan.

[Source: Siliconera]