Bug Blasters and Star Strike get limited CD reissues


Yeah. I dunno either.

Bizarre oddities they may be, Bug Blasters and Star Strike are actually very rare retro collectors items. These FMV games (originally made by Sony) were dropped before release despite being ready to unleash on those unfortunate enough to own a Sega CD. The rights to both games were then bought in 2001 by Good Deal Games for a 5 copy release of each game in Europe.

And that’s not a typo. Exactly 5 copies. Which is kind of ironic since only about 3 people owned those add-ons anyway. But if you ever wanted a copy of either (because you are a retro collector or mad), a Retro Collect user by the pseudonym ‘mr_gibbage’ has bought the rights for the PAL versions of the titles from Good Deal Games and is offering a slightly less, yet still limited run of the FMV classics on eBay.  Right now they go for about £35 a pop but you can get both of them for almost £65. A bit pricey perhaps, but you can you really put a price on filling up that one hole in your Sega collection? For Bug Blasters… I think not. As we’ve established before it’s pretty amazing.

[Source: Sega Driven via Retro Collect]

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