The newest Aliens: Colonial Marines trailer wants you to feel like a badass

With the release of Aliens: Colonial Marines just a few weeks away, Sega has released a new “Kickass” trailer–yes that’s what it’s called–that is very obviously pointed in the direction of the military FPS crowd.

As with all the other trailers for the game, the action looks lovely and thrilling, but this one includes a debriefing speech delivered by what sounds like a hardened, grizzled general, featuring such cringe-worthy one-liners as “We’re not just fighting for the human race; we’re fighting for the title of baddest motherf***ers in the galaxy. That’s a battle I intend to win.” Ugh.

Anyway, monologue aside, the shooting still looks great, and the last few moments featuring power loader combat look pitch perfect. I just hope the motif of “badass” doesn’t trump the fear in the full game, as military shooters just aren’t my bag.

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  1. “If it moves, kill it. If it doesn’t move, kill it again!”

    I think I’ve seen that on the side of many exterminators’ vans.

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