Bayonetta coming to PSN at the end of the month


A few words to those of our readers who have never gotten to try Platinum Games’ masterpiece:

A. What the hell is wrong with you?

B. Seriously, man. This game is great.

C. SERIOUSLY. Good god. Like…I don’t understand why you…

D. Like, are you ok? I’m worried about you.

E. Bayonetta will be hitting PSN for $19.99 on January 29th in the U.S., £14.99 on January 30th in Europe. Apparently the PS3 version is the lesser of the two visually, but it doesn’t matter–this is arguably Platinum’s finest game, and with Bayonetta 2 in the works, now’s the perfect time to get yourself acquainted.

F. Wait, remind me why you haven’t played it? I’m really having trouble here.

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