The first DLC for Aliens: Colonial Marines will be Bug Hunt


With the official release of Aliens: Colonial Marines coming in just a couple days, Sega has revealed the first big DLC add-on coming for their sci-fi shooter. Labeled “Bug Hunt” (which makes me wish it could have been called “Bug Blasters”), this “Horde”-esque multiplayer mode drops players into three brand new maps inspired by the films, where they battle wave after wave of increasingly difficult xenomorph foes.

This DLC fits in as the first part of the Colonial Marines’ controversial $29.99/2400 MSP Season Pass, which will include three other pieces of additional content for nearly 40% less than if they were purchased individually.

While Sega hasn’t officially announced the price of Bug Hunt, someone on the Gearbox forums recently discovered a Walmart advertisement that listed the mode as having a $14.99 value, as well as a release date of March 19th. Even more interesting is the fact a preorder from Walmart lands you the Bug Hunt add-on for free, effectively depleting a lot of the incentive for paying for the Season Pass in the first place.

[Source: The Escapist]

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  1. I always wonder about DLC that is announced before a game is released. I wonder things like, “Is it already in the game, and you are paying to unlock it?” or “Why isn’t it already in the game?”

    Anyways, I don’t know much about that stuff

  2. It’s certainly a worrying trend, but ultimately the consumer determines whether or not this is acceptable. If people continue to buy DLC and season passes when they’re not nearly worth their price, then publishers will of course continue this practice. If you look at how much the season pass costs, that’s practically as much as a new copy of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Whenever someone buys a season pass, it basically means they buy two games for the price of one. The content in the DLC could never be worth that much.

  3. Maybe the bug hunt dlc fixes all the glitches

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