Aliens: Colonial Marines is out today!

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It’s time to start the bug hunt! Grab your pulse rifle, your motion tracker, and a couple buddies, because it’s time to find out what’s happening on LV-426. Aliens: Colonial Marines releases today on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, with the Wii U version release TBA. If you’re a Xeno fan like me, you’ve had it reserved for years and are ready to check out that ridiculous collector’s edition. Be jealous! Or take out your jealousy against me online! Either way, “Stay frosty, people.”

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  1. I have it for 360, reeeeally hesitant to unwrap due to initial reviews. Might return it and wait for a Steam sale, since PC seems to be the way to go until Wii U version hits

    • Yeah I saw them. Of all the reviews, EGM gave it a 9/10. Really weird. But I don’t know. I probably won’t play it until Wednesday sometime, and you can bet my twitter feed will be buzzing with reflections.

  2. Stoo, check redbox’s website, maybe one around you has it (or isn’t there a demo available on live?) I myself might rent it, but it hasn’t really interested me from the start so I doubt I’ll ever pick it up.

    I’ve been seeing those reviews too…Bad Luck Sega: Finally spends a lot on marketing…game is terrible. Lol well hopefully the reviews are wrong.

    Who’s doing the sites review?

    • Josh is doing the site review. I’ve played about an hour of the game and it’s definitely disappointing. This was the one Sega game I was looking forward to this year and it’s very mediocre. At this point I don’t even know if I can even say it’s a better game than AvP and I thought AvP was horrible. I won’t state my opinion yet too much since I’m not too far into it but I hope it gets better.

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