London Gaming Con to strike back in May, will feature Mike Pollock


A fun thing you can do is maybe read this post in his voice!

I don’t know if you saw my feature last year about the fabulous London Gaming Con, but it was a fun-filled weekend chock-full of laughs (or ‘laffs’ if you wanna be kooky about it). Well the ‘Animeleague’ are back once again this year with a convention that’s bound to delight fans of videogames (and Sega) to the core. To prove this a recent press release has stated that famed Sonic voice actor Mike Pollock will even be a guest. If you ever wanted to meet the voice of everyone’s favourite Sonic antagonist then now is finally your chance!

The event will also feature hundreds of other fans, cosplay events, and even a Golden Axe tournament to wet your lips. The promise from the event organizers is that the convention will be ‘better than ever’, with a ton to do and a big space to do it in. Indeed the convention this year is taking place in the Rocket Complex, London Metropolitan University again. So there’ll be no shortage of space to get your game on. The con itself will take place on 4-5 May and you can get your tickets here. Also if you’re going make sure to find me and say hello as i’m more than happy to cover the event for the site. See you there!

[Source: Gamasutra]

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