Fan made Sonic first-person video is cool

If you ever wanted to see how Sonic the Hedgehog would look like as a first-person game, then you should watch PipocaVFX new video.

While it looks cool, I doubt it will be even remotely playable as a real game. Jumping Flash was pretty much the only good example of how to make a first-person platformer. Although, with Sonic, I think It could work at a much faster pace and if the game controls more like an arcade racer. Something like Sonic Dash could work, as well.

What are your thoughts on the video above? Do you think a first-person Sonic the Hedgehog game could work?

[Source: AGB via VG247]

  • Alex

    This actually looks pretty fun! I wonder if it would work as a Crush-style game where you flip between first person and side-scrolling perspectives.

    I would also add Metroid Prime and Mirror’s Edge to that list of first person platformers with great control mechanics.

    • AnthonyPershkin

      Those are pretty good examples. Now that I think about it, I would love to play a new Jet Set Radio game that plays like Mirror’s Edge.

  • Scotty Mo

    This video looks awesome, but I could only see something like this working if they toned down Sonic’s speed immensely. But if it were on-rails, like you said with Sonic Dash, then I could see that working well.

    • AnthonyPershkin

      Yeah, on-rails might be the safest way to make such a game.

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