Sonic After the Sequel developer announces new game: Sonic Chrono Adventure

You may remember a great-looking fan project by the name of Sonic After the Sequel. Well, amidst the delay, it will be releasing in April, but the creator, LakeFeperd has already teased us with a new awesome trailer for a game called, Sonic Chrono Adventure.

The game is your basic Sonic platformer, but with a few additions. Time travel will play another role (whether or not it is similar to Sonic CD is to be determined), but what caught my eye was the path-decision in the video. The player is able to travel north, south, east, or west in a level, which is twice as many choices as most 16-bit games used to offer. Along with this, there seem to be some RPG elements, which some are saying will be similar to those found in the Chrono Trigger franchise, hence the title of the game. Along with RPG elements, LakeFeperd has told some sources that there is even a character in the game based on a Chrono Trigger character.

At the end of the trailer, LakeFeperd reassures eager fans of Sonic After the Sequel that the game will release whether or not the soundtrack is done. Either way, both games look great and I can’t wait to see more of them. What do you guys think?

[Source: TSSZ]

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  1. Looks pretty good!

  2. I love, love, love these fan games. Sega, please hire this guy for Sonic 5.

  3. Yeah they are both looking really promising. These really should have been what Sonic 4 ep 1 and 2 were instead of what it ended up being.

    But I jest.

    mmmm… no I don’t. ^_^

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