The Sega Addicts Kids Table: Episode 65 – The Staind Table


It’s been a while since The Sega Addicts Kids Table subjected you to another hour of (some) Sega discussion but here it is! A new episode! And since this is the first with our new bi-weekly schedule Stevie, Josh, and John decide to treat you with a Staind reference! You remember them right? Someone has to.

Well even if you don’t there’s still a ton to enjoy as the gang wax lyrical about everything from Sega’s Playstation 4 reaction, to our dream horror movie games and beyond! We even give our final analysis of Aliens: Colonial Marines in case you weren’t sick of hearing about that abomination just yet. So put down that grunge CD, stop cutting yourself and enjoy once again! It’s been a while indeed.

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  • Josh Newey

    For the last time, Staind isn’t grunge.


    • Totally.

      They are more of a “depressed rock” genre. Not quite emo.

      And thanks for the “send-off,” dudes. <3

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