Elderly reactions to Hatsune Miku are pretty much the same as mine

Youtuber TheFineBros has an ongoing series in which groups from all sides of the social spectrum are asked to sit down to various media from beyond their demographic’s reach. The latest video asked some older ladies and gentlemen to take in the unique modern art that is Vocaloid singers, including everybody’s favorite, Hatsune Miku.

Not surprisingly, their visceral reactions fall almost exactly parallel to mine: initial confusion and shock, followed by slack-jawed wonder, 1984-inspired terror, reluctant acceptance, and then (*gasp*) enjoyment.

I think Don, the most open-minded gent in the entire video, accurately describes word-for-word my current feelings on Vocaloid technology: “I love it […] I’m overwhelmed, I’m really and truly overwhelmed. How creative…”

“What was it?”

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  1. The more I report on Hatsune Miku news, the more I find myself enjoying the whole craze. I was so repulsed by it originally, it’s crazy.

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