Code of Joker trailer by Production I.G will rock your world

Code of Joker, a Japan-exclusive digital card trading game by Sega, involves collecting and trading monster cards on a tablet and then battling it out with other players via special arcade machines.

Japanese anime studio Production I.G, known for their work on the Ghost in the Shell series and amongst Sega fans for the Sonic Riders intro, have produced a trailer to show off Code of Joker. There’s no gameplay footage, but it sure looks cool.

Despite its origins as an arcade game and console developer, Sega is a name that just keeps popping up in the Japanese mobile gaming market. Demon Tribe and Puyo Puyo Narabe are just a few mobile games in Sega’s rapidly expanding catalogue. Even in the West we have Sonic Dash, Sonic Jump, Kingdom Conquest and much more.

Do you think Code of Joker would work if brought over to Western territories? Check out a gameplay video after the jump and let us know what you think!

[Source: Sega Driven]

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  1. Production I.G did the Sonic Riders intro? Wow, had no idea. No wonder it was so cool.

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