Requests for Yakuza 5 localization have Sega waxing poetic


It seems our constant pleas for a localized version of Yakuza 5 have become a new muse for Sega, as one avid Yakuza fan recently discovered when requesting news in a recent email correspondence. Instead of regurgitating the same old canned response, Sega took a more creative approach, offering up a hopeful haiku,

Eugene, May 20 08:53 (PDT):

Hello Loyal Fan,

I cannot comment.
Stay tuned to the Sega site.
Good information.

An original haiku by the Sega staff

Sega of America
Customer Support”

This is easily the most promising bit of info we’ve seen on the Yakuza 5 front since its release in Japan last year. Could this mean we’ll be hearing something at E3? Could Yakuza 5 be coming to the Wii U like Yakuza 1 & 2 HD? We’ll just have to wait and see.

[Source: Yakuza Fan via Sega Nerds]

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  1. Michael Westgarth June 3, 2013 @ 2:28 PM

    Although, emotion, he keeps on the sly,
    I see that Josh, his hopes, they’ve grown quite high.

    • Yeah, when I say “this is easily the most promising bit of info we’ve seen,” I know I’m not really saying much. Just hearing someone from Sega saying “good information” in an email regarding Yakuza 5 is like a glass of water after months in the desert.

  2. Oh, Yakuza 5, how I long for your embrace
    Your gentle touch, your scent upon my face

    • There’s something incredibly unnerving about the concept of Yakuza 5’s scent upon my face.

      Also, Haikuza 5. Words cannot express how badly I wanted to work that word into this post.

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