Creative Assembly release Let's Play for Total War: Rome 2

If it wasn’t apparent enough already how cool the guys at Creative Assembly are – seriously, check out the video for the free launch-day DLC for Total War: Rome 2 – then you’ve now got more than enough reason to love the team with their new in-house Let’s Play series for the same game.

The video, embedded above, sees the developers tackle the Battle of the Nile, a battle possibly familiar because of its E3 showing. Experts at their own game (well, you’d like to hope so!) the video is perfect for fans wanting that extra level of detail. Although we don’t know what battle will be showcased next, we do know Rome 2 is out September 3rd on Windows, and in the mean time you can check out the specs and also some of the exclusive pre-order content and collector’s editions available for the title.

[Source: RadioSega]