Announcing the Sonic Dash Contest winners!


The winners of our Sonic Dash Contest are…

For a t-shirt: Miguel Aguirre, MCH & Delaina Sonyc Karrupiah.

The winner of the iPhone 5 Case is: Chris C.

Congratulations to everyone! We had a lot of great entries these last two weeks! I’ll be getting ahold of the winners to obtain your contact info.

Remember to download the Sonic Dash app here! And follow the global challenge on Sega’s Facebook and Twitter pages!

Readers Comments (40)

  1. Sonic is blue,
    Shadow is black,
    chilli dogs are awesome,
    and Dash is too.

  2. On Friday starts the Weekend now,
    our Hero Sonic goes faster than Sound,
    but this Little Hedgehog was Hungry as soon,
    he runs now slower, not Fast like Sonic Boom,

    Than he saw Shadow on a little Tree,
    he was eating 2 Chillidogs, so soft so warm
    Sonic crys: Shadow give one too me please!!!
    And Shadow calls in German Back: Guten Appetit

    My little Poem 😀

  3. Here comes Sonic at the speed of sound,
    Look out Shadow he’s the fastest around,
    Running ’round fuelled on Chilli Dogs,
    What happened to that cat who chased ’round frogs?
    Jump, run and slide, or you’re gonna crash!
    Come join the fun in Sonic Dash!

  4. Chilling in the Green Hill Zone, Sonic met Shadow
    They talked about their past, and then went for a Dash
    They stopped for some Chili Dogs, then happened something rash
    And we were all wondering when will their egos clash?

  5. Sonic Dash is a blast
    Shadow will join the roster.
    Are chili dogs next?

    I would prefer the shirt or the IPhone 5 case.

  6. Kelsey Clubland Beaumont July 19, 2013 @ 2:52 PM

    Sonic dash is amazing
    And now Shadow is chaos blasting in too
    Will sonic need chili dogs to help him though.

  7. There exist a Hedgehog named Sonic, how much I love em is Ironic!
    He happens to know a faker name Shadow, they have definitely had run in’s and battled.
    Sonic Love’s to go fast like in Dash, just be sure if you play, you don’t crash!
    But just so you know, the one thing Sonic loves more then his speedy jogs, is none other then his Chili Dogs! 😉

    I am very interested in winning the T-shirt, but would be very happy to win both! =)

  8. Harvey Storm Oswalt July 19, 2013 @ 3:05 PM

    While Sonic eats Chili dogs at his pad

    Shadow is missing out on the visit to Sonic

    Now in a final Dash he races to Sonic for a feast

  9. Sonic likes his food
    With a dash of spice
    He really loves chili dogs
    But is indifferent about rice

    Shadow likes nothing
    And that’s just the end
    Sonic’s main enemy
    But somewhat a friend?

    i like shirts AND cases.

  10. I reach for my lunch
    Shadow of chili dog
    Sonic’s dash: too fast


  11. Electronic Sonic watching Shadow eating an avocado, needs to make a mad Dash to his stash to get some cash and get himself a Chilli Dog.
    Entering for t-shirt.

  12. Sonic dashes past Shadow like a road hog, “Sorry bro, but ahead is chilli dogs!”
    ( 2.shirt)

  13. There once was a hedgehog named Sonic,
    whose chili dogs cravings were chronic.
    With Shadow he’d clash
    (he’s in Sonic Dash),
    Their rivalry seen as iconic.
    [I’d like the shirt, if chosen]

  14. Jérémi Sportes July 19, 2013 @ 7:16 PM

    Sonic is the fastest of all hedgehogs,

    even after eating a bunch of chili dogs,

    shadow, his rival, has speed but in match,

    will never win against sonic and his dash!

    I d love a t shirt!(i collect sonic/sega related t shirts) but an iPhone 5 case could be cool for my wife’s phone ^^

  15. I see race of two hedgehogs,
    Shadow slides, and Sonic runs.
    Sonic saw his chili dogs –
    That was dash with many funs.

    I prefer T-shirts, but I would like to win both 🙂

  16. Sonic, loves those chili dogs
    shadow, the dark ‘”hog”
    They’ll clash to have the best dash
    I would love the t shirt since I don’t have an iPhone

  17. Sonic is hero to dash around,
    not just fast, BUT AT THE SPEED OF SOUND!
    Shadow cant stop this speedy hog,
    because Sonic wants his chili dogs!

  18. Sonic is here to dash around,
    Not just fast, BUT AT THE SPEED OF SOUND!
    Shadow can’t stop this crazy hog,
    Because Sonic really wants his chili dogs!
    (T-Shirt please if i win)

  19. Sonic is here to dash around,
    Not just fast, BUT AT THE SPEED OF SOUND!
    Shadow can’t stop this speedy hog,
    Because Sonic really wants his chili dogs!
    (T-Shirt please if i win)

  20. Joseph Michael Faux July 20, 2013 @ 12:12 AM

    Sonic at the speed of light.
    Shadow strikes in the night.
    What could you Dash for?
    With Chili Dogs you can’t ask for anything more.

    I’d like a shirt.

  21. His name is Sonic, Wow he can Dash!
    Running to Chilli Dogs in a Flash!
    Now that Shadow has joined this Bash,
    buy this game it is not Trash

    I would like to win both but the shirt alone would be awesome

  22. Delaina Sonyc Karuppiah July 20, 2013 @ 1:48 AM

    Sonic, Sonic he’s our man!

    If he can’t do it, no one can!

    But Shadow’s here, Dark as Night,

    Challenging Sonic to a Fight!

    Rivals battle, See them Dash!

    All around Mobius, super fast!

    The race is close, and out of the fog…

    It’s Sonic! It’s Sonic with a Chilli Dog!

    The shirt would be cool! but I’d like to win both! 😀

  23. Who needs Big the Cat and his pet frog
    When you have Sonic the hedgehog and a Chili dog?
    Shadow the hedgehog’s also back
    From SA2, streaked red and black
    So go ahead and play Sonic Dash
    It’s also free, ’cause who needs cash?

  24. Marley Boltman Desmoniere July 20, 2013 @ 2:14 PM

    Gotta run faster
    Gotta run faster
    I remember the days
    When shadow caused disasters
    But that’s in the past now
    There’s no going back Chao
    We better put some
    Windbreakers on
    Cos Sonic is gonna dash
    Don’t worry he’ll be back in a flash
    So watch the hedgehog jog
    While he grabs a chili dog

  25. Zariya Jackson July 20, 2013 @ 6:49 PM

    This is how I would describe them both;
    Sonic is the cocky one who loves chili dogs
    Shadow is dark and cannot stand that annoying hog
    During a race they both would dash
    Though determining the winner would end in a clash.
    [If I were to win I would like a t-shirt size small and/or the phone case. I’ve been looking for a good one everywhere!]

  26. I thought I’d go with a Haiku

    Sonic likes to dash.
    Burns off that chili dog fat.
    With Shadow he race.

    I’d like a shirt please.

  27. Jacquelyn Dorson July 20, 2013 @ 9:36 PM

    Sonic the speedy Blue Blur,
    A Hedgehog with cravings for Chili Dogs how obscure.
    Shadow joining in the heroes fights,
    A Hedgehog with the ultimate might!
    A race to Dash around the globe,
    What a story to be told!

    I’d like either shirt or case

  28. Sonic and Shadow made a dash
    For the restroom in a flash
    After flushing giant logs
    They said: “Man, that’s the last time we eat so many chili dogs”

    (Sorry. That’s all I could come up with). 😛

    I’d like a T-Shirt, please. Medium, if you’ve got it.

  29. Miguel Aguirre July 25, 2013 @ 1:39 AM

    Amy’s Roses are red,
    Our favorite hedgehog is blue.
    See Sonic dash into the new
    Adventures that are about to unfold.
    As the blue blur rushes
    To where chili dogs are sold,
    He sees a figure in the distance
    A stones throw from the park fence.
    The Ultimate Life Form, Shadow the Hedgehog
    They both dash
    To reach the chili dog
    Vendor, who gladly takes their cash
    ( a shirt please, adult size large, and an ipod touch 4 case if possible, if not then just the shirt )

  30. Are you mad bro?
    The fastest hog is shadow!
    Collecting rings and jumping logs,
    Eating sonic’s chilli dogs!
    Homing attacking fishes, please dont splash!
    We must unlock shadow!, we all must DASH!


  31. The trail starts with Green Hill Zone.
    If Sonic runs enough, we’ll unlock his close clone!
    Sonic may be hard to follow,
    but Ocean Palace is not a problem for Shadow!
    As soon as they both crash,
    they will restart their never-ending dash.
    After they call it a day,
    they will go and get some chili dogs from a buffet.
    (Either prize is fine with me. I would like the case more. I would like the shirt in a size small. Thank you!!!)

  32. Sonic and Shadow,
    A rivalry born in a flash,
    And, for years on end they’d clash,
    To see who had the faster dash.
    But finally they agreed, those two hedgehogs,
    To work together, to defeat a foe
    To save their friends, and a plate of chili dogs.

  33. You can’t stop Sonic,
    That’s just well known logic.
    Even with Shadow used as a weapon,
    Egghead can’t seem to learn his lesson.
    The Blue Blur can dash.
    He can run lickety-split.
    Oh, how this speedy hog
    loves to chow down his chili dogs.
    [I’d like the shirt, thank you]

  34. Sonic goes zoom
    Shadow goes boom
    On the rails they dash
    Try to catch up and you’ll get a rash
    Sonic hogs the chili dogs
    Shadow drives gun hogs
    In the gloabal challenge we me must fight
    By collecting the seven chaos emeralds and testing our might
    We need shadow for sonic dash so together we must clash

  35. I’d like both please

  36. I’m Sonic
    Sonic the Hedgehog
    The fastest thing alive!
    Always on the go,
    To seek new adventures,
    And always stop for a chili dog break,
    To give me a boost,
    To dash through new zones to explore
    You might remember my old bud, Shadow
    He’s been in the “shadows” for awhile,
    But when the time comes,
    I’ll be waiting
    Waiting for him to challenge me,
    To a never-ending race
    To see who’s the last man,
    Or hedgehog standing
    Alright Shadow,
    You want a race,
    I’ll give you a race
    Yeah, let’s party!
    Let’s do it to it,
    While we blast through with Sonic speed!
    [ I’ll take both. Thanks guys 😉 Oh yeah, Shirt size: Adult medium, please (if chosen)]

  37. Thanks to everyone that send it a poem. It was a blast to read through them all and it was seriously difficult to pick winners.

  38. I haven’t gotten an email asking for my contact info and it has already been 5 days since this was posted.

  39. I almost didn’t post my entry because I thought it was too juvenile. I’m glad you didn’t agree with me. 🙂

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