Sega bids to purchase Atlus parent company


Sega has placed a bid to purchase Index, the parent company of video game publisher, Atlus. The bidding war has gotten pretty intense with nearly 20 companies interested and the price going up to about 20 billion yen ($203.3 million), so there’s no guarantees that Sega will be the prevailing owner.

Atlus has quite a few major franchises under its belt with series like Shin Megami Tensei, Persona and the upcoming Dragon’s Crown. With their Japanese sensibilities and design talent, I’d be happy to see them under the Sega umbrella. Plus, it wouldn’t be that big of a change as Sega already distributes Atlus games in Japan.

What do you think of Sega purchasing Atlus? Are you a fan of their games already? Do you fear any changes that could occur to either Atlus or Sega if this purchase ocurred?

[Source: Joystiq]

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  1. I just hope Sega doesn’t change the awesome game company that they are!

  2. Zachary Clifton August 5, 2013 @ 11:58 PM

    Me as well! The lack of several key Sega releases (Yakuza 5 PSO2) worries me a little bit. Bringing niche Japanese-style games to the west was THE thing ATLUS did.

  3. if sega can get it, it would be a smart move i believe, atlus is a great developer and has really strong franchises to work with. i would think that they will primary focus on persona games.sort of like they use creative assembly for total war

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