SegaGaGa Fan Translation is Alive After All


The fan translation of SegaGaGa has not had any updates in several years. However, recently an update has been posted showing that the project is still continuing.

I’ve got enough invested in Segagaga‘s translation that I want to see this through, yet I’ve also had to focus on other projects that require more immediate attention… Because of other commitments, then, SGGG has had to take a back seat once more.

It turns out one of the big hurdles encountered was finding a font that would work in the dialogue boxes. There has been progress on a solution. However, the project still seems to be a ways out.

SegaGaGa is a late Japan-only release for the Dreamcast. It is a the premise from Willy Wonka with a Sega setting. The game is filled with loads of self aware melancholy from the final days of Sega consoles. I am hoping that the translation goes smoothly so as many people as possbile can have access to this unique game.

[Source: SegaNerds]