Hero Bank – who thought paying back a debt could be this fun?

Today I fancy a game with bright colours, funky music, and an unorthodox storyline. Have anything up your sleeve Sega? Of course you do — Hero Bank!

As a self-defined “battle-life RPG”, Hero Bank sees a young man in 1 billion Yen worth of debt who decides to fight in virtual battles to earn money and get himself back into the black. As seen in the above video, and a trailer released earlier in the year, this is done in a very Japanese way with cartoon-style graphics and cool, invigorating music – like the sort of games I remember from my youth.

The battles take place in a virtual arena where additional money can be won for exciting the crowd, and performing special moves and combos. The funds can then be used to upgrade your virtual fighter, or to pay back some of that debt – it’s all about money management in this game.

Given the payment of an obscenely large amount debt, and a large supply of virtual fighters to collect, Hero Bank will definitely appeal to the completionists among us. Hero Bank is due for release 19th December in Japan. A western release is currently not on the cards.

[source: siliconera]