New Monopoly arcade game – All the fun but without the family!

ICE and PlayMechanix have teamed up to produce a new redemption-style arcade machine based on the best-selling board game, Monopoly. The gameplay involves rolling your way around the board trying to collect hotels. More hotels mean more in-game money, resulting in winning more tickets. It also boast a save-game style functionality where you can keep your hotels in-between plays to maximise your monopoly bonus.

For those of you thinking about purchasing it for your own personal use, it measures in at 41″ wide, 60″ deep, and 93″ tall. It will make a great centre piece in anybody’s family room, creating fun an laughter all day long. If your Mum says no, just remember, it’ll be the most profitable arcade machine she will have ever bought.

And I forgot to mention, you get to pick your monopoly game character at the start. Who doesn’t love stomping around as a shoe?

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