Sega is involved in a Japanese restaurant scandal

sonic cryDon’t worry, your Happy Meal toys are not getting recalled. This is something a bit more serious than that.

Recently in Japan, some restaurants have been in the news for printing false information in their menus regarding the ingredients of meals. Claims have included such things as stating that organic foods were being used when they actually were not organic, or that local foods were being cooked when they were actually bought abroad to save money. These false facts have cost some restaurants in luxury hotels up to $200,000 after refunding roughly 10,000 customers.

Among these restaurants is one called “Bee,” which is owned by Sega Entertainment. Sega issued an apology as they admitted to also misleading customers with their menu descriptions.

All of this boils down to someone selling a product under false pretenses, which does not look good for any company. However, it does look good in the fact that Sega is taking responsibility for their actions, to the point that they are offering meal coupons for those who still have their receipts. It may be a small step, but it’s a step in the right direction towards customer satisfaction.

In other news: Sega owns restaurants? Man, as a Sega Addict I am definitely living in the wrong country.

[Source: Kotaku]

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