OC Remix releases free Sonic CD album

What’s that? Another awesome album from the fine folks at OC Remix has just hit the web? Well if your day wasn’t going good before, this news is certain to excite any Sega fan.

If you somehow don’t know of them (and you really should), OC Remix collects various musical acts from around the web and sorts remixes of classic games into great (and free) soundtracks. They’ve knocked it out of the park before but this Sonic CD inspired album really takes the case. With four virtual discs packed with catchy and fun remixes, this OST captures the essence of the Sonic CD tunes while putting a new spin on some classic songs. I know it sounds like I’m gushing but they do really great work. You can download the whole album here through a torrent or a direct zip file. I would really recommend you do too.

Oh and fun fact: Contributing artist Tuberz McGee has done stuff for this site in the past! How cool is that?

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