Sega Addicts Episode 118- My Owen Wilson Face

On this week’s episode of the podcast, everyone’s opinion is wrong except for Scotty’s since cool people know that Sonic R is the best 3D Sonic game on the Sega Saturn. Sonic R is also worth every penny Scotty paid for it on release day. For some reason, people are willing to pay less than $50 for Sonic R now, and should probably learn the error of their ways before a certain plush anomaly visits them in their sleep.

Oh, and the Addicts also discuss the Do’s and Don’t’s of hidden lore in video games in great length, and why no one wants to do anything with Big the Cat… not in a box, not with socks, no matter the the size of his… clocks?

No podcast next week folks, because we will be knee deep in preparations for the 24-Hour Dreamless Dreamcast Marathon! See you at Twitch on 9.9.17 (Saturday)!

Suggested talking points: Tails Doll, burnt chicken

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