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Radvertisements: UK Ads

Being a huge Sega nerd I get ragged on a lot because of how over the top and badical Sega’s image was in the Genesis era. People forget Sega came to prominence in a time when The Ninja Turtles and Vanilla Ice ruled the world. We look back at the…


Alpha Protocol Gear Now Available In Home

Sega America’s blog reports that new gear from Alpha Protocol is available in Playstation Home. I’m sure someone cares? They list the new items in their post: For Male and Female Avatars Alpha Protocol Baseball Cap (headgear) – A classic choice in headwear. Show your support for Obsidian’s Modern Espionage…


Sega Teases New Yakuza

Sega’s been playing the new Yakuza for the PS3 pretty close to the chest. They haven’t told us much about it but Sega has recently put up a teaser site for the game. Right now the site is just an image of Goro Majima, who we recently learned will be…