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Sturmwind for Dreamcast is out now

The long-awaited Dreamcast shoot-em-up, Sturmwind, is now available for purchase, and a new launch trailer has been revealed to celebrate the release. And it looks gorgeous. Developed by Duranik and published by RedSpotGames, Sturmwind is the first original Dreamcast title since 2009’s Rush Rush Rally Racing and Irides: Master of Blocks….


Sturmwind to get a fancy special edition

While special editions are hardly rare in the gaming industry, it’s very rare that an indie Dreamcast shooter would get it’s own fancy box. But that’s exactly what the folks at Red Spot Games have done for their upcoming game Sturmwind. Pictured above, this special edition includes a soundtrack CD,…


Sturmwind gets a new trailer

“What’s Sturmwind?” You may ask. Well Sturmwind is a new shoot em up, coming out for the Deamcast! That’s right, a new Dreamcast game! As you can see from the trailer, the levels can scroll both vertically or horizontally. Pretty neat right? But! “Where can I buy this game?” You…