Marathon Hype: All About Block #2

It’s Wednesday, Hump Day, as the kids on the street call it, and another day closer to the Dreamless Dreamcast Marathon. Several on the staff have already detailed their preparations, or lack thereof, and while I’d like to join them, I don’t have time. After all, I’ve gotta give you…


Sega Addicts Episode 110- Basic Sex Math

Don’t be fooled by the title, the Addicts actually discuss video games this week! Join the Nick Flair, TJ Kitsune, and ScottyMo as they discuss another Genesis classic this week: Road Rash 3. Do the guys dig the gritty music, digitized graphics, and rage-induced highway battles? Hop on your crotch…

The (New) Sega Addicts

Sega Addicts Episode 2 – Shave Shenmue

You should be grateful for this latest episode of Sega Addicts! We talk about cool people things, like Anarchy Reigns, Sonic Boom, and celebrate 20 years of Sega Saturn! It’s enjoyable! Direct Download!  Subscribe to the Feed! Follow us on twitter! Pocky X – @SegaTomCast Brett Hatfield – @rainmakerAGITO Nick…