Sega Addicts recording special listener podcast tonight!

As you may have heard we lost Episode 14 last Tuesday due to technical issues. It was crappy. We can’t just sit around and let a week go by without an episode though. What kind of people would that make us?

So, tonight we’re going to record a special episode starring you, the fans. For about an hour we’re going to be bringing different listeners on to chat for a few minutes and then proceed to kick them off and bring more fans on. I have no idea how many people are going to sign up to be on the show but we’ll do our best to get everyone on in an hour. We probably will have several fans on at once, I’m guessing.

Since we’re recording on a different day than usual I can’t guarantee all of the regular Sega Addicts cast will be on the show. Kris and I will be there, but I can’t confirm who else will show up.

Here is what you have to do to be on the show:

In the comments below post your Skype username so we can add you to our contacts. Then, just make sure you’re online on Skype around 8:30 to 9:30 (central time) and at some random point we’ll probably add you in to our conversation.

Required materials:

A computer with Skype installed


One banana

Readers Comments (12)

  1. Skype: bgee45 (or Bradley Gee)
    Microphone? Check
    Banana? I’m gonna have to get back to you on that..

  2. Skype name: alexbarbatsis

    what time zone?

  3. I guess time zone would be important. Central time it is.

  4. Dannytheking1990

    I guess i’ll talk to you guys aroung 2/3am then!

  5. Well Danny, that is what happens when you live on another continent, having bad luck with these Skype calls eh?

    I am: halidar1

    Banana get. They double as mics yes? Oh, well I’ll have one of those too, just in case.

  6. That sounds awesome!

    Skype name: kraid1337

    I’ll try to be there for the recording!

  7. I dunno if I’d have anything interesting to say, but hey, it seems like a fun idea!

    Saiyavenger89 be my SN.

    And as for the banana… I’m not big on bananas, but I DO have a case of Pepsi Max. Would that be a suitable substitute?

  8. phosphorus09

    or maybe it’s “Marshall Tavares”. It’s hard to tell which one you need with skype.

  9. Yes. I have to see my roommate’s play tonight (btw its all about justice and ghosts, sweet) but i can do it now (if you please call me early). I just bought a headphone mic for this, super excited.

    again, skype name: alexbarbatsis

  10. Skype tag is VGFreak1225

    Looking forward to tonight’s episode! Now lemme go find that banana.

  11. I’m up for stuff, if only to argue how Crusader of Centy is amazing!

    Skype name: gun.cannon

  12. Wahoo. I totally wanna be a part of this.

    Skype: Unmature

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