Sega Addicts Episode 19 records tonight!

Tonight will be the recording of episode 19. Besides the usual Sega news we will also be discussing the Streets of Rage series as well as a main topic about all those marvelous Sonic animated series. We’ll even be joined by special guest, Mike, from A good episode this will be. Indeed.

If you have any listener questions or comments leave them underneathy.

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  1. This is gonna be awesome. I used to watch all the Sonic shows. I actually just watched the OVA the other day

  2. If you could team the streets of rage characters up with any other characters from sega lore, to create the ultimate crime fighting team, who would you choose and why?


  4. On the topic, have you guys seen the Sonic OVA that was loosely based on Sonic CD, that had Knux in his EPIC AS FUCK SON cowboy hat? And if so, did you love it as much as I did?

    And, if you had unlimited resources (money, cast, staff, etc.), how would each of you do a Sonic cartoon? (Like, what style, what continuity, stuff like that)

  5. Probably not the place for this question, but maybe you can catch Jim n Topher offguard…

    What the f happened at Dtoid at the end of last summer/ last fall? Was it the Collette / Niero thing that screwed it all up?!

    Sorry for asking a BIG question, just need to know at some point!!

  6. Manic Maverick July 13, 2010 @ 7:09 PM

    Remember those “Sonic Says” segments in the old cartoons? Say you’ve been given the task of coming up with your own, and you’re given two rules to follow: 1) It must have to do with vomit, spaghetti monkeys, and a duffel-bag filled with man-eating butts. 2) There must be one explosion. What would be your scenario, and what life-changing lesson would you teach the viewers?

  7. who was the better henchmen in the good sonic cartoon: The rooster robot or the little tank guy with drill hands?


  9. Jaleel White vs. Jim Sterling vs. Ryan Drummond –

    Who voices the best Sonic, and who can throw back the most chili dogs?

  10. Eh, probably too late.

  11. Yeah its over. It’s a shame you’ll never know the answer.

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