HAVE AT THEE: New Thor game announced

Right on time.  Just as the buzz for the new movie is really starting to take off, Sega has announced that they will be publishing a new game based on Marvel’s God of Thunder, Thor.  Like the Iron Man and Incredible Hulk insults games before it, this will be a tie-in with the movie, which automatically should tell you that Thor: The Movie: The Game will probably suck hard.

But wait!  Don’t give up hope just yet.  Apparently, Matt Fraction, one of the comic book’s staple writers, is somehow involved with the game.  As we’ve seen in Kris Knigge’s review, terrible dialogue is one of a bevy of flaws dragging down the Iron Man 2 DS experience. While Thor is known for talking with a little bombastic cheese, having a comic book writer there to help articulate his epic prose could at least make the story interesting.

Despite my obvious skepticism, the idea of a Thor game is pretty damn cool.  Controlling the hammer of the Gods, sending lightning down in circles around me, all the while screaming things like “THOU DIDST NOT RECKON WITH THE MIGHT OF THOR, KNAVE” just tickles my fancy.  I love that these movies and games are starting to branch out to characters with much smaller followings.  We’ve seen enough Spiderman and Hulk games for a little while.  With examples like Thor and Green Lantern, most people are not 100% sure of what these heroes are capable of, and it could be really refreshing to pick up powers and abilities that we haven’t seen represented in a superhero game before.  As long, of course, as the gameplay is developed correctly.  Therein lies the rub.

Any of you knaves interested to see what Thor can do?  Who shares my excitement for the inevitable Avengers game?

[Source: SegaNerds]

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  1. I really hope this game turns out good. Marvel licenses always have so much potential that’s rarely achieved. At least we know that Sega Studios won’t be developing it so it may fare better than Iron Man.

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