New Shogun 2 trailer is just lovely

A new trailer is up on Gametrailers for Shogun 2, and it is looking perrrty.  It’s filled with a captivating ambience, massive armies, and some of the most gorgeous environments I’ve ever seen in a trailer.  Apparently, it provides the first look at the in-game graphics, which is astonishing, since it all looks so cinematic.  Granted, this kind of sweeping, strategic gameplay doesn’t really allow intricate control, so you’ll probably be watching a bunch of these battles more than actually fighting them. It’s always nice to know that what you’ll be watching is going to be nothing short of stunning.

I haven’t gotten to try out any of these Total War games, but this trailer reminds me of the fantastic Kessen series.  If the combat in Shogun 2 is anything like that, I am definitely interested.

What do you folks think?  How many PC gamers excited for this one?

[Source: Sega Blog]

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  1. If I was actually good at strategy games I would be totally interested. Strategy games are actually the only genre that I almost never play.

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