Sega Addicts Episode 22 records tonight!

Tonight is the recording of Episode 22. Topics of discussion: Sega news, The Club for PS3/360, and a main topic of puzzle games. Also, don’t forget about our new weekly contest where you can win a copy of the game featured in the podcast’s Sonic Gems segment.

If you’ve got comments or questions for us just leave them in the comments below. They can be about any of the topics above, anything Sega related, or they can be about food because without food we would be dead.

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  1. What disease do you think Ben Lee is talking about in his song ‘Catch My Disease’?

  2. Also, Tom’s header image makes me want Gummi Sega-Addicts™

  3. Am I the only one who played 3 hours of Columns to get that stupid 20,000 point achievement in Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection?

    Answering yes would make me feel less like a complete nerd.

    Also, ChuChu Rocket XBLA amirite?!!

    Much love!

  4. @Kraid – I’ve tried but I’m no good at match gem puzzle games. I gave up getting that achievement in about half that time.

  5. How imperative is style and theme to a puzzle game? Most of Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine’s charm comes from the addition of the Robotnik-based characters, while the actual puzzles are really nothing special. Puzzle Fighter is oozing with both style and awesome puzzles. Columns has neither. Discuss.

  6. Since I can’t think of any Puzzle game related questions…
    What is your favourite Gummi candy?

    Mine are the “Swedish Berries”.

  7. SEGA! or Seeeegaaaaa?

  8. What’s the worst Sega-related puzzle game you’ve ever played?

  9. If you were a gummi, what flavor would you be

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