The Sega Addicts Kids Table: Sonic Underground (Eps 1-3) Commentary Track


Sega Addicts writers born, the throne awaits. Josh Newey warns of a deadly fate. Put off the Anarchy Reigns podcast for a week. In the meantime, lie in wait, (and do a)…

Sonic Underground (commentary track)!
Sonic Underground (commentary track)!
They made a vow the podcast will be found!

Stevie and John got Scotty from the site, drummer and leader of the freedom fight! They seek Josh Newey, he knows they do. Is it time? If he only knew. Will the podcast’s dreams come?

Sonic Underground (commentary track)!
Sonic Underground (commentary track)!

You long for this podcast, but you have to wait. To not have access to the first three episodes of Sonic Underground (on netflix or iTunes for example) will seal your fate! They made a vow the podcast will be found…

Download our commentary for Sonic Underground!

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Also the planned Anarchy Reigns episode of this podcast will be up next week. Play it and get ready, folks!

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  1. I really could do commentary on this entire series. It’s so completely off the wall that I was never bored, and also never able to follow any of the plot. I’m about to watch ep 4 because I am that awesome.

  2. Godspeed. I’ve only seen 5 minutes of the first episode but it was pain-inducing.

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