Banana Addicts Podcast: Episode 25 – The 25th Bananaversary!

The wait is over. The 25th Bananaversary Special is here! Call all of your friends and relatives! Run down the street pointing a banana at random people! I’m sure they’ll get the joke.

Anyway, as you may know by now this entire episode is devoted entirely to everyone’s favorite yellow edible, the banana. It’s quite a versatile little fruit and the hour we spent discussing it will be a memory I will keep in my heart forever. Well, until I forget about it one day since as you get older your memory gets worse and there’s not much you can do about it. I mean you can try and do little puzzles and stuff to keep your mind active but at the end of the day you’re probably going to forget something.

Here’s how the banana peels:

00:00:00 – Intro

00:02:06 – Banana News

00:22:14 – Banana Peels: Bananas & Peanut Butter

00:31:35 – Main Topic: Bad Banana Experiences

00:38:27 – Listener Questions

00:59:02 – Outro

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  1. Alex, you found a bit with evangelists talking about bananas which turned out to be comedic gold.

    Have Banana.

  2. If you wanna go the banana and games route I’ve got the perfect title. “Banega Addicts.” And I didn’t know about the wart healing capabilities of bananas so thanks for telling us.

  3. @Sanaj – Actually that credit will have to go to Kraid who sent me the link for the banana evangelist

  4. @Alex Riggen – Fair enough. Then, what’s the name of that song used near the beginning of the podcast?

    Thanks for the evangelist bit Kraid.

  5. This was the best thing i have ever listened to.

  6. Oh man, I can’t wait to listen to this. It sounds incredible.

  7. I can’t believe you made an hour long podcast about bananas and made it entertaining. Well done sirs!

  8. This has probably been my favourite episode of any podcast I’ve ever listened to. Like…seriously. I was laughing nearly nonstop through the entire thing and actually learned stuff.

    Also, penises. Because it had to be said at least once in the comments.

  9. @Sanaj – The song at the beginning is “B is for Banana” which I found on the Dole website. Pretty sweet tune ey?

    Here’s the link

  10. Thanks Alex. It is amazing. ;P

    Chiquita is the brand of bananas that I get in my grocery stores. The only Dole stuff that I see sometimes is fruit juice.

  11. My computer had been on the fritz until recently, so I missed all the banana business! Can’t wait to get caught up.

    PS: Dole > Chiquita =)

  12. My pun got a slow clap. I feel like this is the highest glory I will ever attain.

  13. This episode was amazing. I almost laughed as much as when I listened to the Monster Fighter bit quite a while back.

  14. Old people love nuts. They high in fibre. 8D

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