The Sega Addicts record Episode 113 tonight!

If you prefer working as a team rather than beating the pulp out of player two than do we have an episode for you! We’ll be recording our 113th episode this Thursday night and it’s all about cooperative games. If you’ve got some questions or comments on the topic or anything else Sega related just leave them in the comments below!

Readers Comments (2)

  1. Q1: What games do you wish had co-op? And how do you think certain games would be without co-op? How would the addition/removal of co-op benefit or hinder the gameplay?

    Q2: You’ve been dropped into an underground dungeon “level” full of baddies and horrible obstacles. You’re forced to take one Sega character with you. But the character is naked, covered in oily slime, 500lbs of fat, and you have to give them a piggyback ride throughout the dungeon. What would the dungeon be? What character would you take and why? And what noises would they make while sitting on your back nonchalantly?

  2. Q3. Why hasn’t Manic Maverick written a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book yet?

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