Sonic Sells Out: Mexican Coathangers

Remember that Radvertisements article I did about Sonic selling out? Well it’s getting worse. You’d think with two new games coming out Sonic wouldn’t be hard up for cash but apparently he’s been seen shilling coathangers in Mexico. It’s always sad to see legends fall from grace like this.

It’s a good thing child stardom got to Alex Kidd and he died from that cocaine binge when he did or else we’d see him hocking floor cleaner or something.

[source: SegaNerds]

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  1. NO!!! Sonic don’t do that!

  2. Noticed how EVEN THOUGH I mentioned a child dying of a cocaine overdose I went the entire article without making an abortion joke.


  3. And now suddenly Sonic is being labeled a pro-choice supporter…

    I think Alex Kidd took his life when he realized that “Alex Adult” just didn’t have the same ring to it.

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